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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Introducing New Luxe and Found Pillows

In the spirit of BIG ECO CHIC ATTITUDE here's the first 2 pillows in the new LUXE AND FOUND line that I am adding to my "Eclections". They are made with fabulous designer fabrics from some of the top design houses hence the name "Luxe" and parts will be upcycled from some discovered or "Found" treasures. As my kids were growing up they knew not to leave things lying around lest it get hauled off to my hobby room and morphed into something for the Christmas tree or sewn to the curtains.

These pillows are labour intensive but so fun to make. Leather skirts, belts and electrical wiring are just a few of the items that you'll see transformed in this collection so keep an eye open here... there will be cool new stuff daily. I have another 10 TWEEN pillows coming once they've passed inspection by my design diva (12 year old granddaughter).

Wait until you see tomorrows additions!!! Lots of pink, brown, black, gold. If you have a tween at home I would greatly appreciate any feedback. See ya!

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