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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Canadian Store iCraft.ca

iCraft.ca - the highest-quality arts, crafts and fashion collections from around the globe.

I'm so excited to announce I have opened a Canadian store for my Canadian buyers. No more US dollar conversion, no fear about duty, brokerage fees or other border issues. There will be the same products just in Canadian dollars.

Check it out at http://icraft.ca/pillowthrowdecor

Eco Geek Pillows

Resemble anyone you know? Geeks have risen to a new social level and this one is a 10!

My husband always gets worried when I'm on a snoop around the house and when I appeared with a handful of tv and stereo cables he immediately checked all the tvs. Our house like every other household has a box or a drawer of cables and plugs that get stuffed in there every time some new electronic something is brought home.

I've started a whole line of geek pillows. "Dreadlock Geek" and "Curly Geek" have been the favourites so far. I had them all out on display on our sofa on the Easter weekend and there were two attempted kidnappings.

I've made them with huge eco attitude! I've upcycled telephone cables and cords for hair, video cable for eyeglass rims, all fabrics for the glasses and the pillow panels are all remnants.

For the guy that has everything these will make great Father's Day gifts for dad or hubby. I'm designing a line of female geeks so stand by. These are great conversation pieces, eco friendly and they're ORIGINALs as all of the pillows in my LUXE AND FOUND Collection. Check them out at my Etsy store or my new Canadian store at icraft.ca/pillowthrowdecor

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning & Fresh Look

Lots going on at PillowThrowDecor this week with a fresh new look and some good-deal pricing. Emily at WWW.POLKADOTPIXELS.COM. or Polkadotpixels.etsy.com came through for me with a fun, contemporary design that's real eye candy and so much fun for me to work with. I'm amazing at designing with fabric but dumber than stick when it comes to the techie stuff. Emily has this remarkable ability to read my mind. I appreciate being relieved of the stress!

I am still experimenting with my product line and with the help of my "design diva" I will be adding some weird and wonderful. Goth, nerd, steampunk, noir, edgy and twisted stuff is a real scream to work with and is a stretch from my usual "beautiful but boring stuff"... says my Arrianna, AKA Design Diva. After you check polkadotpixels.com, check my store, and get back here as STUFF is going to start happening next week!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Versace Meets Luxe and Found

These were just way too much fun!!!These decorative pillows were a ladies size 28 pair of Versace Couture Jeans. Upcycled, recycled, repurposed or whatever you call it, when I finished I had only eight square inches of fabric left. Eco smart or what? It takes hours to unpick an article like this but it's important to save what you can. It's always the last scrap you throw away that's needed for buttons.

My Luxe and Found Pillow Collection is all about upcycling interesting bits of clothing, belts or even household items and artistically embellishing a pillow. These are absolutely unique and to have a wee bit of Versace is just heaven! Bonus ipod pockets too.

I can hardly wait to show you what's next on my work table! It is Chic Geek so come on back and check it out. The Versace pillows are for sale at PillowThrowDecor.Etsy.com starting at $65. If you like em' by em' quick... These cannot be duplicated!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pillows with Purpose & Pizzazz

Two things I'm always looking for when I flop out on the couch are my laptop USB cables and my hand creme (fabric really dries your hands. I used to stash these under the couch because cables looked messy. After stepping on my handcreme one day I knew I had to come up with a better solution. Here it is... a "Couch Pouch Pillow".

Sometimes I'm just too tired to get up so I love having all my "stuff" so close. My husband calls it my "toy bag". It holds everything but my coffee cup. I've given them as birthday gifts and friends use them to stash remote controls, crosswords, seduko books, phones, iPods, knitting, sewing, dvd's, you name it! I gave one as a get well gift to my little niece. Being stuck in bed wasn't nearly so bad when she could store her "Molly Dolly" and clothes in the pouches. My granddaughter stores her iPod and her phone in her pouch pillow so she can flop out on her bed and "yak and listen".

These are fantastically convenient and look great too. I don't have kids or pets at home but if you do, you'll have to retrain them.... no sitting on pillows. Its worth it... you deserve to pamper yourself with some extra comfort. More than 4 styles in my store and more coming everyday, each uniqe and custom handmade... check them out!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blowout! Up to 75% OFF

I'm spring cleaning in my shop and there are over a dozen different designs between $49 and $19 that I have marked down to $10!!!

Buy your Mother's Day gift! Or just spoil yourself.

Sale is until Monday when they will be at regular price again. However every Monday I put a few items at half price for the week. So keep checking back.

I'm thinking about a new marketing plan... a pillow party... but it is a "virtual party" so you don't have to panic about getting the house cleaned and baking for weeks ahead. A hostess has a chance to earn FREE PRODUCT or even some cash. If you have any ideas let me know... otherwise stay tuned I've got some great news on this.

That's it short and sweet. Hope to see you in the store!