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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pillows with Purpose & Pizzazz

Two things I'm always looking for when I flop out on the couch are my laptop USB cables and my hand creme (fabric really dries your hands. I used to stash these under the couch because cables looked messy. After stepping on my handcreme one day I knew I had to come up with a better solution. Here it is... a "Couch Pouch Pillow".

Sometimes I'm just too tired to get up so I love having all my "stuff" so close. My husband calls it my "toy bag". It holds everything but my coffee cup. I've given them as birthday gifts and friends use them to stash remote controls, crosswords, seduko books, phones, iPods, knitting, sewing, dvd's, you name it! I gave one as a get well gift to my little niece. Being stuck in bed wasn't nearly so bad when she could store her "Molly Dolly" and clothes in the pouches. My granddaughter stores her iPod and her phone in her pouch pillow so she can flop out on her bed and "yak and listen".

These are fantastically convenient and look great too. I don't have kids or pets at home but if you do, you'll have to retrain them.... no sitting on pillows. Its worth it... you deserve to pamper yourself with some extra comfort. More than 4 styles in my store and more coming everyday, each uniqe and custom handmade... check them out!


  1. For Adult Eyes only.... Check back in a few days I will be listing some adult bedroom pillows where you can leave your sweety some "pillow treats". I'll tell you more later...

  2. Oh my gosh those pillows are awesome!!!!
    Love your layout too!:)

  3. I love the colors in this Mama Mia pillow and I'm a big Mama Mia Fan as well!