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Monday, June 1, 2009

So Much Happening at icraft.ca/pillowthrowdecor

It's been way too long since I last posted but there has just been so much happening at my new store at icraft.ca. I'm thrilled to say within the first few weeks I had 17 sales and for online selling that's pretty awesome.

I never realized that online selling was so different than traditional face to face selling. But boy am I learning fast! In fact, I am applying my years of experience as an instructor at the University of BC and sales trainer in a program for icraft that I've dubbed "Sellers Bootcamp". It's a 28 day program where I assign a list of activities that are designed for sellers to market within their local markets as well as their online communities. It's about commitment and accountability too. A seed of an idea has grown to a whole team of approximately 60 people. Bootcamp II is already in the works!

I have had a chance to meet some really awesome and incredibly talented people, not just as artisans but technological geniuses! With these people, we have quite an impressive leadership team so that we can all share our talents and support one another.

Bootcamp isn't just about marketing our own shops but promoting icraft.ca as a new and hugely remarkable selling venue. The beauty of icraft.ca is that it is all about handmade! No vintage stuff and no supplies so it keeps the site uncluttered and easy for buyers "to stroll the isles". The site itself is fresh and colourful and Canadian (which is important to me and my local clients). There are however, sellers from around the world with an amazing diverse collection of goods. Icraft.ca is still very, very new so we are still looking to add a lot of sellers. More sellers means more products, and more products mean more traffic. LOTS OF TRAFFIC generates more buyers enthusiastically shopping for fabulous finds which is good for all of us at icraft.ca.

So, I ask all of my faithful readers to pass the word on to sellers and buyers, that icraft is an up and coming, first class, HANDMADE venue to be watched and to be seen on!

If you want to check out our forums and join the fun there is a live link in my picture at the top. I'm also including a link to all of our Bootcamp Sellers and I would love for you to stop by and preview their stores because we are planning a huge "OPEN HOUSE WEEKEND" in the very near future offering "ODD SOCK SPECIALS".

This introductory weekend will be offering items normally retailing for $10-$60 for only $5. Other items will be offered at an "Odd Sock 50% Discount". There is so much more to tell you about this "OPEN HOUSE WEEKEND AT ICRAFT.CA" but I better not spill any more beans. Leave me your note in the comments that you want to be notified for some really "blowout deals". I will ask sellers to stop by in the comments and tell you what their specialties are too.


Until next time, which won't be a long time... Cheers!...Christine

Here's our Class Pictures :)


  1. Great post! I have learned A LOT from you and am building good selling habits in the meantime.

    iCraft has really supported us bootcampers with incentives and new features and that has been such a boon for us all.

    You are AMAZING with energy that sells. Thank you for sharing all of your expertise!


  2. Hi Christine Great blog! I totally agree with you that iCraft is an amazing site. I really appreciate all the advice and support you and other "bootcampers" have given me. It's been quite the learning experience. I wish you all the best of luck and much prosperity :)
    Guylaine (a.k.a. TheGiftedNest)

  3. oh forgot to mention that I really like our class picture! :)

  4. Great article Christine!
    Love the class photo too!
    iCraft is definitely the place to be right now and bootcamp is a great programe! So glad you gave me that little push to join.


  5. Thanks Christine, Boot camp has been breath taking literally , Ha Ha . I am running to keep up , icraft is a totally great site to sell on , very helpful !! and friendly !!


  6. Christine! fantastic write up about icraft.ca!
    I agree with mountain, whoosh, its breathtaking! but well worth the effort! and thank you for putting together such a great program!

  7. Thanks for guiding us bootcampers so well! Your blog has lots of goods to look at.! Certainly an inspiration!


  8. HaHa, I feel like I'm writing in your yearbook!
    I'm so happy to have stumbled upon iCraft, and then your post for bootcamp. Online selling really takes a lot of dedication and know-how, and doing it in a group like we are is definitely the way to go!


  9. Christine, your dedication to making Bootcamp a rewarding experience for us is wonderful! Thanks so much!

    I've learned a ton, and made some great, new acquaintances. iCraft is a fabulous venue, and I hope Bootcamp promotions can make it even more successful.

    Lots of work, but tons of fun!

    I'm a dentist by day, but lampwork artisan and jewellery designer in the evenings and on weekends. Making lampwork beads is my creative "release".


  10. Great blog post!

    Bootcamp has been really helpful for me too... I commend and thank all of those involved especially Christine!

    Icraft.ca is a great venue to sell my items.

    I am a stay at home mom who loves crafting. I focus on polymer clay jewelry as well as chainmaille and other fun jewelry.


  11. thank your for following my blog (i finally got the pictures of jasmine in to stay! now...WHERE IS MY BUTTON FOR MY BLOG...see examples at the bottom of my blog~