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Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 1 Sellers Bootcamp Assignment

1)Make it easy for people to go to your shop. Add your automatic store signature, your twitter address, and your blog address to every email in Outlook or Outlook express. For Outlook go to Tools, Options, then the Mail Format tab and start creating your NEW signature. There is a little link button in the small signature frame to add your shop name as a LIVE LINK in every email. In Outlook Express, go to Tools, Options, Signatures then click on NEW. As far as I know you cannot put a live link in here. If you need to add a second store then create the second link or shop url right below your icraft.ca address. Your signature might look like the example below. I use about 5 different signatures depending on my correspondence but my default one is icraft.ca

Christine Skaley Reid
Luxury Handmade Originals

2) List your store in a free local store/business directory. Bootcamp emphasizes LOCAL PROMOTION as it is the easiest and the quickest way to generate retail icraft.ca sales. Find one… any where where you can park your URL… Here is a suggestion by Galleria Linda http://02d6485.netsolhost.com/default.asp

3) Open a twitter account using your shop name.

4) Get your business cards ready. Order some. Get some. Make some. Do what you have to do to get ready to start getting your cards out. I can recommend PolkadotPixels .com for the design part of it. Emily is very quick, reasonable and most importantly I liked what she created for me. She also did this blog, ads, banner, etc.

5) Bootcamp Goals - Spend some time thinking and writing down answers for the following questions.

How many items can you reasonably produce and list in the next 28 days?
How many sales would you like to make in the next 28 days?
What products would you like to introduce or eliminate from your product line?
To whom will your products appeal to? Describe your buyer (male, female, age, profession, etc)
What areas do you need to tweak in your shop? (pictures, bio, policies, shipping, descriptions, etc)
What networking activities have you been procrastinating but really want to start? (blog, .com,twitter)
Is there a seller/shop out there that you wish you could be like? Or admire? Why?

Share what you are doing here with family, friends and other sellers that you know. encouragement is always a good thing!

See you tomorrow with day 2!

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  1. Christine, your pillows are just TOO beautiful- im honestly in awe! your eye for fabric is perfect. i adore the "girly spring pillow" along with your "retro" designs. Keep it up! i cant wait to see more.