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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Accountiblity is Hard for a Home Business

Decorative pillows aren't my only passion. In fact, amongst the heaps of pillow fabric around my workroom are home decorating magazines, training manuals, sticky notes and other "stuff" that help me put together icraft.ca Sellers Bootcamp training assignments every day.
My new best buddy GalleriaLinda, jeweler extraordinaire, is my brilliant right hand!

Seller's Bootcamp isn't just for pillow makers or even just icraft sellers. ANY online seller needs to take some sort of action like this 28 day, kick-butt, get a plan, get it going program. One of the hardest things for most small businesses is accountability. They have no daily to-do-list or anyone to march them through it. There's people like me, who have waaaaaay too many ideas, but not enough and therefore diddle around finishing nothing. I see a few smiles out there... you're probably like me... hey, we are true creative artisans!

So I started a group of like minded artisans at icraft.ca where together, daily, we encourage, mentor, share knowledge and "kick each others butt" and generally keep each other focused on a plan that is proven to work. We do it in the spirit of fun and the desire to make our businesses grow. It's free... it just costs 45 minutes a day.

How do we know it works? We have some great success stories from Bootcamp1 and many of our Bootcampers are back for more because they missed the structure and the discipline that Bootcamp provided. Statistically, we know we improved our views, number of sales and new listings! We increased our online presence with lots of new strategic links for our stores and our blogs... AND icraft.ca is climbing in the site rankings.

The most important statistic of all is this... "80% of success is about showing up". I'm not sure who said that first but it just simply means... doing something positive, even if you don't do it well, increases your chances of success 80% more than doing nothing. That's good news because there are lots of us that are brilliant artisans but we're online newbies. Unless we can get the word out about our work and our store, we're just a well kept secret.

For the next 28 days, I'll post Bootcamp tidbits especially our BEST OF THE BEST OF BOOTCAMP TIPS. So if you're too shy to sign up at icraft.ca Bootcamp 2 you can peak here.. daily. Just FOLLOW ME or jump in and use this referral code and get 6 months free fees. There's just a 25$ one time sign up fee and NEVER any sellers fees. It's the best deal out there.

Well I better get back to my pile of pillows, they are calling my name... oh yes, my pillows have so much character they can talk!

See you tomorrow!


  1. I'm in the boot camp (first time for me). Looking forward to it and I'm really happy about today's awesome assignments! Great start!

    My blog: http://canadianrockiesart.typepad.com/canadian-rockies-art/

    (had too many problems with my blogger, switched to typepad recently).


  2. Hey Natalie. I have read it is best to NOT BE ON BLOGGER because any links that you build are for the benefit of Blogger.com rather than your own dot.com. I have heard Wordpress is a good alternative. I need to get on it and get my new blog going and then forward this one there. Another thing on my to-do list.

    I'm so happy that you are part of Bootcamp!

  3. Aaaaahhhhhhh.... that's better..... Bootcamp2 is underway and I HAVE STRUCTURE AGAIN! Whew.