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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seller's Bootcamp #2

Welcome to icraft Sellers Bootcamp #2 Are ya ready ???

Wow more than 100 Bootcampers on the list. Many of you are back for round 2 because you miss all the smiling faces and the grueling pace. I want to assure everyone that we are slowing the pace and narrowing the focus.

Objectives in Bootcamp 2 will be building sales and exposure for our shops by:

1)Listing new product daily
2)Tuning up our stores in pictures, descriptions
3)Finding new publicity and advertising venues for local and online communities
4)Building links for our stores, blogs and icraft
5)Building a presence on Twitter and, if we have time, FaceBook too

With serious, concentrated effort the assignments will take around 45 minutes a day. Saturday and Sundays are off. Some activities build on each other so if you miss a day,catch up by skipping the “routine” activities. Bootcamp is a real opportunity for all of us to try new and different marketing ideas. Make notes of what works and what doesn’t… response will vary depending on product and geography.

If you have questions, ask , ask, ask! If you’re stuck, share it, we’ll help you fix it. Don’t quit. Email me at pillowthrowdecor@gmail.com if you need a quick answer, otherwise post on the day’s assignment thread. We have experts to help us. Some of our experienced Bootcampers will “mentor” you through too.
Please share ideas or anything and everything that we can all learn from. Brag when you’ve "done good"!!! We'll all share in your victories!

My goal for Bootcampers is that in the next 28 days you’ll establish a marketing routine that will feel comfortable and fun. For icraft.ca, my goal will be that we attract many, many, new sellers with lots of interesting high quality handmade products. With more “stock on the shelves” the buyers will come.

I am so excited to have found icraft.ca because IT GIVES ME CONTROL OF MY STORE AT A PRICE THAT MAKES MY BOTTOM LINE LOOK GOOD! More importantly, I am building my business for the long term and I absolutely believe this is the venue that will lead the Canadian online market and be a prominent player in international markets. The gates are now open… fly at it!!!

PS… If you are reading this and wishing you could sign up it is not too late... ask me about a referral code for 6 months free!


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  1. giggle, giggle...i am supposed to leave you a comment that i follow your blog.

    sandy v in coppell, tx